Promotion of Arts in the Media

In a country grappling with profound socio-economic challenges, art and culture are often placed at the periphery of the public discourse. This category celebrates women who, through their work and practice, strive to promote art and publicise its crucial role in building a cohesive society.

Jenny Crys-Williams

Jenny Crys-Williams career in journalism began in the United Kingdom. In South Africa she has worked as woman's editor of The Natal Mercury, the Johannesburg Bureau Chief of Cosmopolitan and the founding editor of the super-luxurious Excellence magazine for the Sun International group. She was also the founding editor for Changes, Choices and Sunday magazine. Jenny moved into the electronic media after a successful audio test with the BBC in London in the 80s, and Talk Radio 702 was a natural choice when she found herself back home.  Jenny is the author of a number of books and has a weekly book show on Talk Radio 702.

Gwen Ansell

Gwen Ansell  is a freelance writer/editor; media trainer; music industry writer and researcher; science fiction/ fantasy reviewer. She has written several books on journalism and has worked as external examiner in Wits University.

Lore Watterson

Lore Watterson is the owner, publisher and editor of a lifestyle magazine with a twist, Classicfeel. The magazine has established itself as the prime showcase of South African arts and culture as well as the latest on the international music scene. Classicfeel Magazine was previously a recipient of two ACT Awards. In 2005 it received both the Arts & Culture Trust Award for Media and the Arts & Culture Trust Journalist Award. Besides the ACT Awards, Classicfeel has garnered many other prestigious awards, amongst them several SAPPI PICA Awards for excellence in publishing and twice, the coveted BASA (Business and Arts in South Africa) Award.