Creative Writing

This category celebrates fiction and biography authors who demonstrate solid creativity, imagination and originality. It acknowledges writers who are committed to their craft and strive to promote the genre.

Devarakshanam Betty Govinden

Devarakshanam Betty Govinden is an academic, researcher and writer, with varied interests. Her recent publications include: A Time of MemoryReflections on Recent South African Writing (Solo Collective, Durban, 2008); Sister Outsiders; and Words on Water – Reflections on Writings (Lap Publishing, Germany). An analysis of the literary contributions of South African Indian women captured in the book: Sister Outsiders: The Representation of Identity and Difference in Selected Writings by South African Indian Women, won her the prestigious Hiddingh-Currie Award in 2012.

Mmatshilo Motse

Mmatshilo Motsei is an award winning co-creative strategist, author, poet and rural development practitioner working on psychological and spiritual health with a keen interest in integrating ancient teachings in modern innovations. She has published several works received numerous national and international awards including the International Human Rights Award and the United Nations Habitat Scroll of Honour. She has worked with various public and private organisations in Africa, Europe, the US and Canada.

Kopano Matlwa

Kopano Matlwa is one of South Africa’s most vibrant young writers, and winner of an EU Literary award. A medical graduate, Kopano is the author two award-winning novels. She is a founding member and chairperson of Waiting Room Education by Medical Students, a non-profit organisation run by students and won a scholarship to complete her masters at Oxford University in the UK. Her list of achievements includes being selected as one of eight Goldman Sachs Global Leaders in 2005 and making the Mail & Guardian "100 young South Africans you must take to lunch" list two years in a row.