Adjudication Committee

A word from Prof. Pitika Ntuli

South African women have always taken a pivotal role in the development of the arts of our country. As administrators, musicians, artists, dancers, poets and writers they have advanced and honed their skills contributing significantly to our struggles for self-determination and independence. The Mbokodo Awards acknowledge the role that female artists have played, and continue to play, as role models and in the construction of a new unified identity for us as a people. It is fitting that these awards are timed to mark the Sixteen Days of Activism Against Women and Child Abuse!

A word from Ms. Shado Twala

I am honoured to participate at the inaugural event of The Mbokodo Awards for Women in the Arts. For a long time, art has been largely consumed and defined by an elite group in our society, dominated by male commentary, affected by Western values. What The Mbokodo Awards begin to do is to showcase the contribution of women towards this documentary of the South Africa story. These are women who continue to inspire and provide milestones that are not relegated to the margins of history. Through The Mbokodo Awards, I now hope that many of our communities will not only understand the vast contribution of women to the arts, but also hope that the ceremony rekindles the creativity in all South Africans for future generations. Congratulations to all the nominees for highlighting the importance of liberal arts at all levels of our education. We applaud you for giving us perspective on our culture and heroes.

2013 Adjudication Committee
Shado Twala
Carol Bouwer
Prof. Pitika Ntuli
Lisa Combrinck
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